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box Hr Philosophy

Our Human Resource philosophy derives from the vision of the company, and our HR practices are aligned to ensure and enable us to achieve our mission of “enabling organizations to continually improve their business processes to achieve agility and cost effectiveness through innovative ideas, products, solutions and services.” Some of such philosophies are enumerated below:

1) Our Approach to Industry

We are result oriented dynamic business venture group exists to provide useful service to the community at large. We shall make our goals clear, constantly work towards meaningful process and profits, and grow substantially in the process.

2) Our Work Ethics

We have grown from humble beginning through sheer hard work, self discipline and a strong urge to improve our standing. We strongly believe that intelligent perseverance and patience are essential for enduring success. We believe in simple living.

3) Our People

Our employees are our greatest asset. We encourage competent, capable and loyal people to grow with us. For the right person, there are no barriers to growth in our industries. We have an obligation to provide training and the opportunity for developing our productive people, who want to improve their skills, enhance their career prospects and their personal growth.

4) Work Environment

Our working climate ensures a sense of belongingness, sense of freedom, open communication, security and fair play. This helps us in building our well knit teams, create understanding and trust among employees. We shall uphold dignity and self respect of every individual.

5) Team Approach

We believe that, team spirit is essential for excellent performance. We shall strive at all levels to generate enthusiasm among our people to work harmoniously and excel in their performance. We shall resolve differences of opinions amicably, for the individuals.

6) Delegation

We believe in delegating authority and responsibility to the right and dedicated employees, but the same shall always be related to organizational effectiveness. Delegation shall always be combined with responsibility and accountability thereby overall growth of the organization as a whole.

6) Our Goal

Our goal is to provide “high-quality, flexible, agile and speedy services and responses to our employees and in this context our Mission is to:

• Provide comprehensive policies, systems and methods to our employees.
• Create a culture, which enables all the employees to feel secure and contribute creatively along with ample self-development opportunities.
• Assist in achieving an appropriate balance between flexible and informal approach.
• Be an enabling partner for delivering performance at every level of the organization.
• Create a culture to develop team spirit among various sections of employees at all level.

8) HR. Initiatives

The following initiatives adopted by HR Dept ensure that, our practices are aligned to our vision and mission:

• Recruitment through various personal sources, networking and other cost-effective channels, thereby reducing the recruitment cost to a bare minimum.
• Comprehensive orientation/ induction program for new employee with providing information about our organization’s profile, values and culture.
• Our training teams, which collect input from all customers to formulate a well-defined training process which provides a feedback mechanism and uses various metrics to assess the effectiveness of on-the-job training.
• Unique performance appraisal process, which is transparent, fair and rewarding. The focus here is on self-appraisal, thereby promoting responsibility towards work and the organization. The appraisal process is also aligned with the vision and mission of the organization.
• Clearly defined career path and role focus, promotions based on performance and ample scope for lateral movement.
• Employee welfare activities including CSR activities that are aligned with the current internal / external environment and cost effective channels in and around plant and nearby areas.

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