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Chairman and Managing Director:- Mr Adarsh Jhunjhunwala

The UD Group has already carved a niche for itself in the Northeast. Known for its superior and varied product lineup, the group has diversified itself into fields as varied as manufacturing woven sacks, metallurgical coke, construction and infrastructure, mining, PU foam and high-grade cement.

The companies under UD Group share five core values— Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity and Responsibility. UD Group has always adhered to strict business ethics and set for itself a standard of excellence that it always achieves with stringent quality control and strict professionalism. UD is a name that invokes trust and respect in the industry and among the consumers.

Having secured such an esteemed position, UD now has decided to spread its wings and expand its scopes even further. It will diversify itself into new areas of expertise and notch up the volume of production. The demand for quality products has increased in the Northeastern part of India and UD feels it is time to cater to the region’s needs even more holistically. Already a producer of high-grade cement, JUD Cement is bringing in state-of-the-art technology to improve the quality of its OPC and PPC even more. JUD Cement has a capacity to produce half a million tonnes per annum, which is expected to expand to two million tones per annum in another two years. JUD’s cement has been widely used in a variety of constructions and the company is determined to make further qualitative progress to continue living up to its reputation.

UD Group has contributed significantly to the industrial development of the Northeast over the past few years. The group is already synonymous with excellence in production and, because of its great diversification, is considered to be one of the most versatile conglomerates. However, in spite of being devoted to industrial growth, UD Group has never refrained from preserving the natural assets of the northeastern region. The Northeast is famed for its rich bio-diversity and UD always sticks to operational techniques that have no adverse impact on the environment. The group has implemented land, water and waste management measures to ensure this.
UD also believes to grow successfully as a group, it has to include the local communities into its operation. The group has always strived to improve the living conditions of the local population and is committed to develop diverse communities in the northeastern people by sharing their culture and preserving their heritage.
The group has undertaken numerous socioeconomic development programs such as employment generation, education, social and civic amenities creation and health and welfare. UD is dedicated to serving both the Nature and the people of Northeast and it will live up to its promises as much in the future as it has in the past.

Director:-Mr Akshat Jhunjhunwala

The group believes in caring for its employees, sharing its achievements with everyone involved in the group activities and contributing towards developing a professional environment where innovation and nurturing of skills play a huge role.

UD is not only about manufacturing products of excellence and performing with peerless professionalism. UD believes to improve as an organization, it is imperative that the workforce remains motivated and satisfied.

UD has decided to expand itself through quality improvement and further diversification. It sees itself at the forefront of Northeastern industries in near future and is working towards earning an enduring position of trust and respect that it has already earned. The group has and will contribute significantly towards the development of local communities to become an integral part of the northeastern region.

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