Corporate Office:

box CSR Overview

For JUD, leadership is about more than performing well or manufacturing a better product. It is about caring, sharing and contributing to the improvement of the quality of professional life, because JUD believes a motivated and satisfied workforce is pivotal for an organization to redefine success.

People and Objectives that Guide Us: Various and meaningful socioeconomic development programmes such as employment generation, education, social and civic amenities creation, health and welfare, are to be built as integral to the group’s growth plans. JUD aims to generate and sustain goodwill among son-of-the soil, with focus on profitable integration with the society across all levels.

Managing Land and Bio-diversity: Located in areas rich in bio-diversity, JUD is focused in ensuring that its operations have no adverse impact on the environment. Effective land and water management and waste management shall be judiciously implemented.

Social Responsibility: At JUD we are firm believers in inclusive growth. We aim to practice sustainability, investing in people for betterment of the community we touch across all levels. JUD Group strives to ensure business success by being responsible corporate citizens, committed to developing diverse communities in the Northeast, sharing their culture and preserving heritage. In fact, it is part of JUD’s core competency.

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