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Uma Dutt Industries

Profile:The UD Group produces high-quality finest quality polyurethane foam products, manufactured by Group Company Uma Dutt Industries. JUD is the largest manufacturer of this product category in Northeast. The products are widely admired, used in different industries and have the ability of being customized in accordance with specific client requirements. The brand EURO is doing very well and is a leading brand in the entire eastern region.

Area of Expertise & Products: Quality polyurethane foam products. Polyurethane foam is available in sheets and rolls, low thermal conductivity, low smoke emission and low water vapour permeability qualities are ideal for building and industrial insulation.

Technology: Production is supported by a vertically integrated manufacturing facility that has latest technology for manufacturing a flawless spectrum of Polyurethane foam products.

Quality Control: All projects, regardless of scope or scale, commence with responsive analysis, followed by the use of appropriately chosen, field-proven project management and engineering techniques to ensure project delivery success.

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