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box Uma Dutt Industries Ltd:

Profile: UD Group is the biggest manufacturer of Woven Sacks in the Northeast. Its production facilities are housed under the Group Company named Uma Dutt Industries Ltd.

Area of Expertise & Products: Woven Sacks

Technology: The company leverages its innovative product development capabilities, customizing a range of quality products in accordance with client specifications for texture, weave, dimension, quality, colour and other specific requirements.

Quality Control: State-of-the-art full-service production facilities deliver products on a par with international standards of quality. Integrated high-end quality control measures ensure that every batch conforms to stringent requirements.

Capacity: UDIL has an annual capacity of 2520 MT. HDPE/LDPE bags manufacturing unit at Amjok, Byrninat, Meghalaya.

Expansion Plan: It has started commercial production on October 24, 2007. Supported by satisfactory response from customers and growing demand in the market, the company plans to expand the unit, taking the total capacity to 5040MT per annum.

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